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Construction Administration

Throughout the bidding process and construction, RMCA will provide answers to contractor’s questions and clarification of details in the Construction Documents. We will follow AIA guidelines, that are familiar to the construction team. At regular intervals throughout the project, an experienced RMCA construction administrator will perform a site visit, and if warranted, have a member of our engineering consultants join him onsite to address a particular question or problem that the contractor may have.

The goal of the RMCA team is to prepare a detailed set of plans that allow for a smooth construction process in the field, but if unforeseen difficulties arise, our team is there to provide the contractor with direction. Near the completion of the project, the architect and engineering consultants will review the project onsite to see that the Contract Documents were followed and prepare a written Punch List to be completed by the contractor prior to owner sign-off of the project Substantial Completion Document.

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